Used Equipment

ADI, LLC has access to millions of dollars of used material handling equipment. We have access to anything from pallet rack to used forklifts to complete pick modules; just about anything that you may need in your warehouse, we can find it.

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Currently Available

We recently acquired these very nice used Vertical Lift Modules (VLM).  These have been used for vertical storage of machinery spare parts.  This method of vertical storage increases use of vertical space while providing fast and accurate retrieval.


Model 500 –1850 x 863 NT


Unit Width: 85.8″
Unit Depth: 117.2″
Unit Height: 16’ to 29’ available
Unit Capacity: 88,000 LBS
Year of Construction: 2003 & 2005
Color: Panels, Door: Light Grey
Color: End Frames, Top Cover: Sky Blue
Tray Dimensions: 72.8″ wide x 33.98″ deep
Tray Capacity: 940 LBS
No. of Trays/Unit: 99      No. of Rail Pairs/Unit: 99
Controller Type: 2000 w/RS232 computer connection
Controller Location: Overhead

Available March 2018
Call Now: 704-904-3427