LF Hopper Front Containers

One of the first plastic hopper front container families. The plastic version of our popular 14/7 hopper front steel container. These containers are ideal members of a small parts storage system which utilizes free-standing racks, trolleys or shelving. When you purchase an LF container, you are purchasing over 50 years of solutions which have been designed into products and accessories.

  • 15 sizes, eight footprints, seven heights (2″ – 12″)Containers1
  • Available in yellow, green, red and blue
  • Interstackable with the 14/6 line of containers (except LF 141906)
  • Can be hung on louvered panel (except larger containers: LF 291812, LF 201812, LF 201212 and LF 201206)
  • Front label holders
  • Ergonomically designed, recessed grip handle on the back for easier manual handling
  • Double-wall construction for strength, made of polyethylene (except LF 090605, LF 140806 and LF 140808)
  • Compatible with SSI free-standing racks, trays, shelving and trolleys


KS Stack and Nest ContainersContainers2

Schaefer 180° KS Stack and Nest Containers securely stack when full and efficiently nest when empty to minimize freight and storage costs. Designed for a wide variety of applications, Schaefer’s KS Containers can be found globally in food processing, industrial, and distribution businesses. Many of the containers are compatible with pallet systems, including 48″ × 45″ and 48″ × 40″ pallets. Some of the containers have unique features for specific applications, and all have Schaefer quality in workmanship and design.

  • Available in Blue, Red, Yellow, and GreenContainers3
  • Can withstand temperature extremes between -4F to 212F
  • Specifically designed for meat processing facilities
  • Made of FDA approved HDPE for superior performance
  • Sidewall slots provide overflow and airflow management
  • Smooth walls with generous corner radii create a strong and easy-to-clean container