Workstation1Transporting work materials or workpieces efficiently requires a connection to ergonomically designed conveyor technology. In addition to packing and assembly tables, SSI SCHAEFER also supplies all the conveyor technology that connects the individual workstations with one another. The interlinking of the assembly stations with driven conveyor technology has the benefit that the employee can concentrate on the assembly work and does not need to worry about transporting the assemblies.


By uWorkstation2sing the ergonomic workstation systems from SSI SCHAEFER, you will reduce error rates and the training time required for your staff. The individual assembly tables can be easily interconnected through our flexibly configurable conveyor technology. This ensures efficient transportation and your staff can concentrate fully on the assembly work.






The Millennium II workstation is an electric height adjustable station. Special features on this unit include a programmable switch – operators can preset up to three heights into memory or push the override button to any height desired. Motor and control box are UL and CSA approved.The aesthetics of the Model HD combined with the heavy duty, independent four leg design and the almost infinite selection of modular accessories have made this model the workstation of choice for production and lab areas at almost every Fortune 500 company in America. With an unbeatable price vs. quality, you can not go wrong with our most popular model.

Next to the common cold, no problem accounts for more lost work days (or as many doctor visits) as the aching back. Whether you are revamping an assembly line, or replacing a single piece of equipment, the idea is the same: try to make the job fit the worker. Pro-Line has been the leader in ergonomic workstation design since 1978.